DSLR camera lens caps: $4.81 – $7.29

dslr camera lens

Did you know you can make your own pinhole lens with these things? Just get a sharp needle and poke a hole directly in the center. Read more at camerahacker.com

Canon DSLR lens cap ($4.81)

Nikon DSLR lens cap ($7.29)

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2 Comments on “DSLR camera lens caps: $4.81 – $7.29”

  1. Moose Says:

    I think you mean to say body cap, not lens cap. The former fits dierctly onto the body, while the latter fits onto the front of your lens. The picture is of a lens cap, which only attactches to the front of a lens and so couldn’t be used to make a pinhole lens. The links *are* of body caps, which can be used to make a pinhole.

  2. Merlin Says:

    You will need to heat the needle first. Use pliers and hold in a flame until red hot.

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