Sudoku Toilet Paper: $8.95

sudoku toilet paper

Bored in the bathroom? Get a roll of Sudoku toilet paper. This single roll of toilet paper is imprinted with Sudoku puzzles. There are 240 sheets per roll. Pen not included.

Sudoku TP for your bunghole

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4 Comments on “Sudoku Toilet Paper: $8.95”

  1. Sean Says:

    This must have been invented by someone who drops massive, hour-long deuces. We all know the addictive power of Sudoku, so the idea is pretty brilliant for someone that fits into that monster deuce factory category.

    Do you think wiping your ass with completed Sudokus makes you smarter or dumber? Also, wouldn’t people worry about smearing ink all over their asses? These are the perplexing questions I demand answers to, creators of the Sudoku TP.

  2. hsczp9 Says:

    i know some guys that do the whole hour long shitter…but i dont think they have the mental capacity for sodoku..shit i dont even have the capacity for that stuff…
    maybe intelligence gain by osmosis

  3. Patricia Desjardins Says:


    I’m a visual researcher on assignment with Reader’s Digest Canada. The Digest would like to publish a hi-res photo of the Sludoku Toilet Paper. Please send me the contact person’s name and email address where I can direct this photo request.

    Thank you,
    Patricia Desjardins

  4. monkeydung Says:

    wuld you get a papercut or somethin on ur deuce maker?

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