Hyphy Juice: $2.99 – $3.99

Hyphy Juice is the preferred energy drink of Bay Yay Area residents who like to go dumb/stupid, ghost ride the whip, and attend sydeshows. Mix one part Hyphy Juice with one part Jose Cuervo 1800 tequila and you’ve got Dummy Juice. Yadadamsayin?

Hyphy Juice available at all fine liquor stores.

Update: Hyphy Juice is relatively hard to find because it’s not too well known outside of the Bay Area. If you are in Oakland, most liquor stores carry them. I get mine at the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Ashby Avenue near the Emeryville/Oakland border.

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10 Comments on “Hyphy Juice: $2.99 – $3.99”

  1. stinger97 Says:

    I’ve read the post and I’m still not completely sure what Hyphy juice is. I’m assuming I have to be familiar with rap music to understand. Bah.

  2. funk Says:

    Yo, I’m bout to swing through the Bay this weekend.. looking to pick up some Hyphy Juice fa sho tho.. its available at any liquor store in the city?? My boy told me BevMo sells it.. went to the one in Colma last time I was in town.. Do I need to go to the OAK??.. Please let me know ASAP! Thnx.. nothing but BAY LOVE from a former yay area resident!!!!

  3. freshfodder Says:

    You can get it at any liquor store near San Pablo Ave and Ashby Ave at the border of Emeryville. Map here

  4. Anon Says:

    I read the wikipedia entry on Hyphy culture. You have my condolences.

  5. hottasss555 Says:

    where is the bay area. i really want some hyphy juice.

  6. dummygone Says:

    we need hyphy juice down in diego – spread the news about the hyphy movement and check out http://www.gethyphy.net for all the latest hyphy news and slang yadadameen

  7. sophiie. Says:

    hey uhm I live in San Jose can you tell me which liquor stores carry them please? and hyphy juice is not for kids, right? cause it has alcohol?

  8. alex Says:

    i havnt seen hyphy juice in a while and no it does no contain alcohol. i actually bought hyphy juice back in the day.

  9. DiVa Says:

    Hyphy jUice b GOood. It gets me all hyphed up.. Is there any where were theY sell TheM bY boXes?

  10. TheBay Says:

    try online at they ship hyphy juice nationwide!!! http://shop.bredforsurvival.com/product/hyphy-juice/

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