Cordster – $4.95


Cordster is a device that attaches to your iPod (or any other portable music device) to prevent your headphone cord from tangling. It measures 2.6″ x 1.4″, which is small enough to fit the iPod Nano. Comes in black, white, and silver.

Cordster, not to be mistakened for Napster, Friendster, and a bunch of other things ending with -ster

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3 Comments on “Cordster – $4.95”

  1. west Says:

    Or… save $4.95 and just wrap them around the ipod itself.

  2. Clearing the TiVo of life

    This list of cool stuff costing $10 or less is useful if you need a few belated stocking stuffers. Gosh, I’ve missed NYC. I’m trying to reserve judgment on LA, but I have no doubts about my adoration for…

  3. fkj Says:

    Once you stick this on your iPod, it won’t fit in the arm strap.

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