iSlice – $4.99



Can’t operate conventional scissors because you have big, fat fingers? Then perhaps you need to get yourself an iSlice. The iSlice features a zirconium-oxide ceramic blade that doesn’t dull or rust. It’s good for cutting plastic packaging and paper, but terrible for cutting your fingers (according to their website). It’s also magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge.

Available at The Container Store

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5 Comments on “iSlice – $4.99”

  1. Uncle Roger Says:

    Looks pretty cool, but I’m rather skeptical about the finger claim. Seems to me that something that can cut through plastic packaging can probably handle soft flesh too. Unless someone gives me a plausible explanation of why it won’t cut your finger, I’ll remain skeptical.

  2. I agree with Uncle Roger’s comments above. There is no info on the site as to how this thing actually works!

  3. bought one Says:

    tried it, works like it says it does — pretty cool

  4. economics Says:

    works great! i bought this from the “storables” only cost me $4.95 🙂
    i can open my favirote CDs, DVDs, and xbox games…coupons, plastic named it! i know this sounds crazy but it is the best tool ever, and i have 6 of islice stick on my desk!!! love the magnetic feature 🙂

    more product info —-

  5. Charles E. Jordan Says:

    No one sghould be without one greatest invention since the toothpick

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