Bubble Chocolate – $5.97

bubble chocolate

bubble chocolate

Bubble Chocolate, which debuted this past June, is sorta like normal chocolate, but not. The main difference is that it has HUNDREDS OF TINY BUBBLES IN IT. Yes, this chocolate is infused with bubbles of varying sizes that create a unique texture when you chew it.

From BubbleChocolate.com

[The] bubbles enhances the mouth experience because the resulting structure causes chocolate to melt more rapidly across the tongue…Your mouth-feel will move from slightly dry to moist and creamy. This occurs when your taste-bud receptors are drawn to the chocolate bubbles as they begin to melt.

The package contains three bars, each a different flavor (60% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Coffee).

Available at Bubble Chocolate’s website

Update: From comments, there is apparently a similar product in Europe called the Aero bar. Aero was introduced by Rowntree Mackintosh chocolate company in 1935, which was later acquired by Nestlé in 1988. Bubble Chocolate, created by entrepreneur Frank Drab, is the first aerated chocolate to be marketed in the United States. I guess we’re only about 70 years behind Europe’s chocolate technology. Aero bars available at Amazon for $20.

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22 Comments on “Bubble Chocolate – $5.97”

  1. me, lee Says:

    mmm.. like the aero bar, only more expensive…

    how ’bout a dark chocolate one?

  2. Available in the UK. It’s called an Aero.

  3. AGRW Says:

    Aerobar anybody?

  4. amanda dylan Says:

    i had some from my friends emmy gift bag, it is quite yummy. the chocolate is richer.
    it looks like an aero but the taste is superior. something about a special blend of dutch chocolates. I still luv aero but i think they will have some competition from bubble chocolate. P.s the coffee was my fav

  5. Thad Says:

    Aero is not the only bubble chocolate available in the UK … Cadbury also one!

  6. olli Says:

    Yeah we’ve had plenty of bubbly chocolate in the UK for years… I’ve never heard of that Milka Aero that you posted a link to, however the Nestlé Aero is a big seller over here. (Milka’s a very big brand in the Europe mainland, owned by Kraft, but not at all well known in the UK).

    Here’s the UK one currently on sale from Nestlé:

    Cadbury’s used to sell a “Wispa” bar too up until a year or two ago, which was the same thing but with smaller bubbles (which made it reaalllly smooth and tasty – practically turning to a froth in your mouth) and nice milk chocolate instead of that cheap crystally Nestlé shit. They even had a few special edition versions, the caramel one was gorgeous 🙂

    Unfortunately they discontinued it when they started focussing more on a few basic products rather than the massive range of different stuff they used to do.

  7. hank Says:

    Very clever. Bubbles=air, so you’ll be getting a fraction of the chocolate you’re buying. Unless they make it about 40% cheaper…

  8. revkrister Says:

    We’ve had that kind of chocolate in Sweden since many years…. what’s new about it?

  9. Jared Says:

    Not just the UK. Areo has been in Canada at least all my life (25 yrs)

  10. Etaoin Shrdlu Says:

    No need to take a transatlantic flight to get “Aero” bars, they are plentiful north-of-the-border, in Canada. And cost considerably less than $20.

  11. mt Says:

    And the predecessor to the Aero (also produced by Nestle) was called “Choco-lite”. It was sold in the US in the 70’s and 80’s.

  12. Peter Berg Says:

    that is 3 bars for $5.97 – I just purchased some at their retail website bubblechocolate.biz. Also they offered free shipping and handling
    lets see if it holds up?

  13. truckerswife Says:

    That’s awesome I wanna try some now.

  14. Nice.. I wonder how they make it.

  15. engtech Says:

    It’s been popular in Canada for at least 25 years as well.

    You can buy it in literally any store.

  16. cybele Says:

    Hank – chocolate is sold by weight, not size.

    Nestle did introduce an aerated bar in the early eighties, it was called the Choco’lite. It didn’t do well. Israel also has a line of aerated chocolates made by Elite. (Their bittersweet is pretty good.) Japan/Korea also markets little aerated morsels under the Lotte brand.

    Olli – I thought Cadbury just renamed the Wispa to Dairy Milk Bubbly (though people tell me it’s not the same).

  17. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  18. sam Says:

    how can i order some bubble chocolate? it is not available to order from the website and i would really like to try it. the choco’lite bar used to be my favorite candybar years ago and it sounds like the bubble chocolate is alot like that. i’ve been looking for a way to order this chocolate for weeks, but can’t find anywhere i can order them from.

  19. sam Says:

    i’ve been searching for over a year & a half for the bubble chocolate! there is nowhere on the official website to order it. does anyone know how it can be ordered or if there are any retail stores that carry it? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

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