Macworld Expo 2007

macworld expo 2007

Aside from all the free promotional schwag, most of the cool stuff at this year’s Macworld Expo cost over $10, way waaay over. Below are some pictures. Enjoy!


iWoofer looks like an iPod with legs.


A really ugly iPod speaker system by JBL.


lacie bluetooth speakers
Wireless Bluetooth speakers by LaCie. Looks like sewer pipes from Super Mario Bros.


This tentacle contraption by LaCie comes with every connector you could possibly imagine.


Spill-proof skins for Apple keyboards.


apple tv
Apple TV streams music and videos from your computer to your TV.


Etymotic Ety8 Bluetooth earbuds with iPod Adapter. If you can get past the ugliness, they actually sound pretty damn good.


nikon lens
A big ass Nikon lens!


lacie brick hard drive
LaCie 250 GB Brick hard drive. They are stackable like Legos.


apple iphone
iPhone, the most coveted gadget at Macworld. You can’t even touch this thing.

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5 Comments on “Macworld Expo 2007”

  1. Louis Says:

    That must have been one sick expo, with the new iPhone. I didn’t even know those were in production yet…

  2. Pj Germain Says:

    That is truly an ugly speaker system from JBL!
    But, Apple has defintely come a long way. Cheers!

  3. Tony Chung Says:

    Oh man were you there also? We could’ve rendezvous’d!

    Nice pics, I’ve also got some photos up at my Flickr.

  4. […] iWoofer looks like an iPod with legs”…. <Via Freshfodder> […]

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