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apple hifi

For the past year, I’ve been listening to music mainly on my laptop speakers. The sound quality is pretty crappy, but that’s what you get when you’re too lazy (and broke) to buy a decent set of speakers. But now that I am less-broke thanks to a new job, it’s time for a long due upgrade.

I’ve looked at a bunch of speaker systems and have narrowed it down to the Apple iPod HiFi, which will go nicely with my laptop and an Airport Express. After obsessing over the Hifi on the Apple site for a couple days, I began my search for cheaper deals elsewhere. There are the usual 2 or 3 websites that I visit, but earlier tonight I received a request on ReviewMe to review a new bargain-hunting website called Dealighted.

Here’s the gist: Dealighted is a site that helps you find coupons, freebies, and other deals online. They basically scan for bargains on other sites like Slickdeals, Fatwallet, and Anandtech and repost it on their homepage. Dealighted also has a shopping search engine that shows you prices for a product at different stores, along with any deals or coupons that might be available.

Here are Dealighted’s results for the Apple Hifi:

apple hifi

Wow! Look at the savings! But wait, let’s see what Froogle gives me:

apple hifi

Hmm.. notice the similarities? To be fair, I played around their site for about 20 minutes trying to find other items, but my final verdict is that Dealighted brings nothing new to the table. If I wanted to use a site like Froogle, I’d just use Froogle. Aggregating deals and coupons from other websites is interesting, but chances are that I’ve probably searched those places already (I did).

However, Dealighted isn’t completely worthless. By requesting a review on Fresh Fodder, they had to pony up $100, half of which goes to me and the purchase of my Apple iPod HiFi. Thanks Dealighted!

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7 Comments on “Online bargain hunting – $0”

  1. Peter Hosey Says:

    Suggestion: Headphones. A good set of cans will run $20–30. I’m currently using Philips HP250 headphones, which are comfortable, sound good, and cost $15–20.

    If you’re willing to spend more—about what you would pay for a speaker system—you can get RF wireless headphones that will let you roam anywhere in your (house|apartment|office) without dragging a cord behind you. And the sound stays with you, rather than fading into the distance as you get farther away from the speakers. (Don’t bother with IR headphones. Anything between you and the transmitter will block the signal.)

  2. Louis Says:

    I looked at the site and it’s not completely worthless. Once or twice I got better results than Froogle. But I don’t usually buy on the internet anyways.

    Headphones are cheaper, but speakers are louder and more practical (many people can listen at once). So yeah I’d go for the speakers, especially if you’re already 100$ there.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion guys, but at the moment I already have 4 sets that I barely use. Though I definatley agree that headphones are the way to go for people who want good sound and are on a budget.

  4. shopest Says:

    these are pretty good ones. maybe I’d spend a little more on them. probable $100 one much better focusing

  5. Anoop Says:

    Thanks for the information….I am currently using a very good quality speaker head phone set manufactured by hp….just check it out once.

  6. Just discovered a complete list of all marked down products at Amazon, sorted by category
    and % off, ranging from 50% off to 90% off (thanks Sonja for the effort).

    Actually I never thought Amazon would have articles with 90% off, but only in the category
    Electronics there are more than 3000 of them – look for yourself, the list is on
    Bargain Hunter (which is a blog of a woman who specializes in finding good deals at
    Amazon, like Britain’s “Jeanie”).

  7. Search Job Says:

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