Laptop Burka

Laptop Burka

Stay classy with the Laptop Burka:

Laptop Burka lets you work or watch movies in your own portable private space, and its made from high-quality, breathable, lightweight fabric. Take it anywhere, anytime. No more eye straining or battery draining from glare. Take your Laptop Burka to the pool … the patio … the park … ANYWHERE!!

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2 Comments on “Laptop Burka”

  1. marc Johnson Says:

    Laptop Burka / Geek Sheet

    The WWW is not a place where you can defend or protect yourself. After I recieved an online threat from an un named source I chose to pull the plug on Laptop Burka for that reason alone.
    Online jeers brought more attention to the weekend prank turned business .No amount of money in the world could have bought the amount of press recieved on Laptop Burka/Geek Sheet .
    The joke really was on the computer , anti glare filter and half shell computer shell companies. All of which cant measure up to the low tech computer shade Laptop Burka .
    It really pissed them off the thought that this low tech device might come onto the market taking billions of dallars of market share away from them. The advertising potential would change the world , how we see it today.
    Laptop Burka will continue to sell off line to LARGE corporate companies at 1000 unit volumes.

  2. Jesse Says:

    honestly, what’d you expect?

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