How to control iTunes with headphones

If you own headphones with a built-in remote, such as those that come with the iPhone (or these), you can control iTunes directly from the button when it’s plugged into your Apple laptop.

To launch iTunes, press the button once.

To play/pause, press the button once.

To skip to the next track, press the button twice.

To go back to the previous track, press the button three times.

Amazing, I know.

I have these by Etymotic, and they are fawesome.

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6 Comments on “How to control iTunes with headphones”

  1. Joe Obrin Says:

    How do you turn this stupid feature off? I don’t want iTunes to start by itself and start playing a song just because I have speakers plugged into the headphone jack.

  2. Andrew Says:

    yeah, I know what you mean

  3. Andrew Says:

    There is some useful information on this page, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Rama Mohan Says:

    Nice information. presented well!!!

  5. Very informative, thank you.

  6. good to read ur thoughts.Really nice and provoke me to think about it. Click

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