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SF Food Bank

November 24, 2009

Do it.


Black Friday is almost here!

November 23, 2009

Yeah, but I saved $50 on a Sony Bluray player (after rebate) and got The Notebook for free!

Murray’s Beeswax – $4.95

January 16, 2009

Murray's Beeswax

It’s beeswax. In a jar. From Australia.

What could you possibly do with it, you ask?


Stainless Steel Soap – $10

December 11, 2006

Remove stinky odors from your hands with this bar of stainless steel soap. No, this isn’t the regular lathering-type soap that you’re used to — it’s actually a chunk of stainless steel shaped like soap. I’m not exactly sure how this modern sorcery works, but this article trys to explain it.

Get this magic soap from Uncommon Goods

Knuckle Balm: $9.99

October 13, 2006

Knuckle Balm, by Scrub Your Butt Soap Co., is great after those long wall-punching sessions. It soothes the skin on your knuckles and leaves you rejuvenated! Knuckle Balm, apply directly where it hurts. Knuckle Balm, apply directly where it hurts. Knuckle Balm, apply directly where it hurts.

Comes in lemon and lavender scent, my favorite!

Tan Airbrush In A Can: $7

October 13, 2006

Now that summer is officially over, we are stuck with being pale again. Good thing ModelCo has introduced this tan in a can, which “puts an end to stained hands and uneven coverage.” It’s also “infused with hydrating aloe vera and the exotic scent of cocoa butter, [which] delivers the perfect color with a 360-degree nozzle to cover all hard-to-reach areas.” This product is perfect for all you pasty folks out there, not that I know anything about tanning products or have ever used something like this before…

Available at Sephora…not that I have ever been there or anything…