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How to control iTunes with headphones

April 28, 2010

If you own headphones with a built-in remote, such as those that come with the iPhone (or these), you can control iTunes directly from the button when it’s plugged into your Apple laptop.

To launch iTunes, press the button once.

To play/pause, press the button once.

To skip to the next track, press the button twice.

To go back to the previous track, press the button three times.

Amazing, I know.

I have these by Etymotic, and they are fawesome.


Jakob Dylan: Woman and Country

April 4, 2010

Hosted by

Not even released yet, the new Jakob Dylan album is already No. 1 on Amazon.

In the meantime, stream it for free at SoundCloud.

LaCie Sound2 Speakers

September 30, 2009




30 watts, USB powered, and fucking awesome.

Top 5 “I Want You Back” Covers

July 8, 2009

As a tribute to the King of Pop, I’ve compiled my top 5 “I Want You Back” covers from his Jackson 5 days. Enjoy.

#5. Super Guitar Duo Acousphere

#4. Marty Schwartz

#3. DJ Z-Trip

#2. Discovery

#1. KT Tunstall

“Left Right Left Right Left” by Coldplay

May 18, 2009

I’m happy that more and more bands are starting to embrace the free Internet culture. Today’s post is for a free Coldplay live album. Download all 9 tracks here.

“The Stream” by Wilco

May 17, 2009

Wilco is streaming their latest album from their site. Win.

Update: Holy tits this album is good.

“Dark Night of the Soul” by Danger Mouse

May 17, 2009

NPR is streaming Danger Mouse’s new album on their website. Take a listen.