LaCie Sound2 Speakers

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30 watts, USB powered, and fucking awesome.


The Accidental Wine Company

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Here’s how to save up to 40% on wines:

Accidents happen every day in the world of wine. A bottle breaks and stains its neighbors, a new label design replaces an old established one, or a winery just closes its doors. A soiled, retired, or discontinued label is suddenly and simply less valuable… We will choose from a variety of wines with blemished labels that restaurants, wine stores, supermarkets and hotels don’t want to sell for that very reason. Because they are so persnickety we can buy these wines for less and so can you.

The Accidental Wine Company

Laptop Burka

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Laptop Burka

Stay classy with the Laptop Burka:

Laptop Burka lets you work or watch movies in your own portable private space, and its made from high-quality, breathable, lightweight fabric. Take it anywhere, anytime. No more eye straining or battery draining from glare. Take your Laptop Burka to the pool … the patio … the park … ANYWHERE!!

Product Page

Happy Saturday

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Wordle is a tool that generates beautiful word clouds based on inputted text. To experiment, I ran Wordle on a few of the writers at Techcrunch.

Erick Schonfeld writes about information, links, and URLs:


Jason Kincaid likes something called Yammer:


John Biggs has an obvious man-crush on Steve Jobs:


Michael Arrington loves Google Voice:


MG Siegler:


Interesting results.

whup asp

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whup asp

whup asp = “asparagus in a brine infused with white wine vinegar, pink peppercorns, hot cherry peppers and orange juice.”

Mmm. This would go great with a Bloody Mary.

Words of wisdom from John Daly

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“I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein.” – John Daly